There’s a timely need of Pakistan to become a global IT hub and it comes into reality by adopting cutting edge technologies. To reshape Pakistan, federal govt planned to train 10,000 IT experts.

Considering the emerging technologies, government of Pakistan has approved a project titled “High Impact Skills Boot Camp” and allocated Rs.100 million in Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the next financial year 2019-20.

To perk up and named Pakistan as the global information technology hub, the budding youth must equipped with the knowledge of emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, blockchain, Bio-Data, machine learning, internet of things and many others to cut down the scarcity of capable human resources in these technologies

According to scope of the project, it has massive direct and indirect economic benefits and the project will result in enhanced quality of work.

A country’s economy becomes more productive as the quantity of skilled workers increases since skilled workers can more competently carry out work with strong technical groundwork and problem solving capacity.

High Impact skills program showed that most universities need to timely update curriculum or mobilize resources to deal with the rapid demand of certain decisive new technologies and produced potential IT experts.

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