Yank technologies released a device called Motherbox; the true wireless charger, this is unique charger which sends out radio frequency waves to use them to charge any device in it’s particular radius.Radio frequency waves are send out to all devices in the room and your phones convert that into battery power , it can give 10 watts of power up close however more you move your phone away from the device, the less charging your phone receives , 10 watts can become 4 watts at 10 inches and 2 watts at 16 inches.With wifi bluetoothh and screen enabled ,you need about 2.5 to 3 watts of charging to keep the battery level at constant

Yank technologies aim to take to an entirely next level and speed, they also recently updated the device , by which it first scans all of the devices and then send them radio frequency waves right in their direction rather tan just emitting them all over the room

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