Database front end for SQLite, PostgreSQL and MySQL

A RAD database front end tool for building rich client GTK-based GUI applications on SQLite, PostgreSQL and MySQL, using embedded Python as scripting language


  • Embedded Python



Create a webapp from an existing database in 30 seconds – Java/Groovy

Portofino is a free and open source web platform that helps developers create outstanding enterprise applications by addressing three specific needs: productivity, features and architecture. Among its features: content management, CRUD, database connectivity, calendars, charts, security and easy customization using Groovy.


  • Angular Material responsive web user interface
  • Enterprise applications
  • Web Content Management (CMS)
  • Portal
  • Dashboards
  • Calendar
  • CRUD, configurable via simple web interface
  • Charting
  • Scaffolding (with wizard) from any existing databases
  • Support for open-source and commercial RDBMS’s
  • GDPR privacy policy



NSBase is a database management system.

NSBase is a database management system.
NSBase use SQLite, Firefird, Interbase, MariaDB, Mysql, Postgresql, Sybase
It allows to quickly build complete database applications.
Its modern interface is simple and ergonomic. Its scripting in LUA makes it possible to dynamize your applications. It is a rapid development workshop (IDE / RAD) visual type (sqlite form generator).
It is a real alternative to MSAccess, kexi and other.
Import your database : Text files, MS Access (MDB File), SQLite and Kexi
Build your applications quickly, thanks to integrated wizards
It can create stand-alone applications without specific installation, it generates an exe file under windows quickly and easily (or the equivalent under linux)


  • Can start NSBase from your usb stick
  • Advanced reports : qrcodes ,barcodes, shapes, images…
  • LUA Scripting
  • Multi languages
  • Importing databases : Text files, MS Access (MDB File), SQLite and Kexi
  • Many wizards : action, chart, form, list…
  • Multi plateforms : Windows and Linux
  • Chart component
  • Editor intellisense
  • Standalone generation application
  • Multi databases support SQLite, Firefird, Interbase, MariaDB, Mysql, Postgresql, Sybase


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