Switchbot is the worlds smallest robot which is developed precisely to turn on your common household switches which may be used to turn on different devices like lights fans ac’s and tv’s etc.

There are also offering motion sensors to turn the switches in your home, you can use motion sensors in different ways to your advantage, for example you can set certain switches on your phone to turn whenever you enter your house or you can even just wave your hand over to turn on the switches.

You can also use an application on your mobile phone to turn on switches or devices in your house remotely, this is very helpful as you do not have to go and turn on the lights ,fans and other devices in your house physically when you can do it remotely using your phone

Switchbot has being selling on Amazon and other online websites a lot and people are trying this as they see it as one of those small robots that are going to be present in every house in the future this device is not very expensive

However it has some limitations like you need a switchbot for every switch ,you have to replace its battery now and then and along with these you might have to face other difficulties while using this product

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