Curriculum NameDownloads
Early Childhood Care and EducationECE-Introduction and Progression Grid
SNC-Early Childhood Education-Required Standards and SLOs
SNC-Early Childhood Education-Suggested Guidelines
Grade 1-10
Islamiyat – Introduction
Islamiyat – Progression Grid
Islamiyat – Curriculum Guidelines Grade (1-10)
Grade 1-8
Urdu – Introduction
Urdu – Required Standards and SLOs
Urdu – Suggested Guidelines
Grade 1-8
SNC-English-Required Standards and SLOs
SNC-English 1-8 -Suggested Guidelines
Grade 1-8
Mathematics – Required Standards and SLOs
Mathematics – Suggested Guidelines
General Knowledge,
Grade 1-3
SNC – General Knowledge – Required Standards and SLOs
SNC – General Knowledge – Suggested Guidelines
Social Studies,
Grade 4-5
SNC – Social Studies – Required Standards and SLOs
SNC – Social Studies – Suggested Guidelines
Grade 4-8
SNC-Science-Required Standards and SLOs
SNC-Science Suggested Guidelines
Grade 6-8
SNC – Geography – Required Standards and SLOs
SNC – Geography – Suggested Guidelines
Grade 6-8
SNC – History – Required Standards and SLOs
SNC – History – Suggested Guidelines
Computer Science ,
Grade 6-8
SNC – Computer Science – Required Standards and SLOs
SNC – Computer Science – Suggested Guidelines
OthersTraffic and Road Safety Curriculum Materials-URDU
Traffic and Road Safety Curriculum Materials-ENGLISH
SNC Language of Textbooks – Extended Range
SNC Glossary of Terms

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