If you like writing scalable software that impacts large audiences in real-time, vFairs (Bayt.com product) is the place to be.

We are looking for a Senior Software Developer who can build and extend our virtual event platform & amplify the user experience we deliver to clients. The idea is to keep enhancing our solution with ideas that solve challenging problems our customers face during events.

This is going to be a high-impact role where the deliverables will be used by thousands of users upon release. You will be required to implement software that is accurate, fast, thoughtful and scalable.

In this role, you’ll be required to understanding business goals and roadmaps from customers/product managers. You will then select the best approach to solve the problem in a generic way that naturally extends the product and implement a solution. We entrust ownership to our developers and let them run with creative ideas. We also have a development team across Lahore and Dubai who you can look forward to for help and guidance.

A sizable portion of our clientele is based on North America and we would highly prefer someone who can align their office timings with the US schedule, which would translate to 3 am to 12 pm Pakistan time. We offer a flexible work-from-home policy and provision laptop equipment to facilitate our team members.


Bayt.com runs and operates a cutting-edge virtual event platform called vFairs. vFairs aims to transform the events industry and change how people come together and exchange ideas on topics of interest.

It does this by empowering organizations to move away from expensive, limiting & tedious physical events and host hassle-free online event experiences instead. Virtual events prove to be far more cost-effective, scalable, productive and measurable. Most of all, they remove the need for people to be at a specific physical location making it very convenient.

vFairs has helped top organizations like Nestle, 3M, Unilever, UMUC and American Airlines host amazing Virtual Career Fairs, Online Tradeshows, Virtual Open Days & more. The vFairs platform is leading the way on breaking barriers in the events industry.

Interested in changing how the world hosts events? Let’s do it together at vFairs.


    • Build and implement modules, solutions and use cases in
    • Work with developers to develop scalable solutions
    • Produce clean, efficient code based on specifications & customer requirements
    • Work with designers to integrate HTML and front-end deliverables (full-stack coding ability is a big plus)
    • Implement APIs for interoperability purposes
    • Work with development, staging and production environments seamlessly
    • Verify and deploy programs and systems
    • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing software
    • Create technical documentation for reference and reporting
    • Discuss business objectives directly with customers and product managers. Ask smart questions to get clarity on product scope.
  • Work occassionally on the US schedule (6 pm – 3 am Pakistan Standard time) and be available for customer

Source/ Apply: https://www.bayt.com/en/pakistan/jobs/senior-software-engineer-4112278/