Reference Material for Course Units Taught at Higher Education Level. These resources provide access to a wide range of materials, including research papers, journals, theses, books, and videos, which can be useful for students and researchers alike. These resources also provide tools and programs for faculty and curriculum development. Note that some of these resources may require a login or subscription to access the full content.

  1. Virtual University Course
  2. HEC National Digital Library:
  3. HEC Digital Library:
  4. HEC eLibrary:
  5. HEC Research Repository:
  6. HEC Digital Resources:
  7. HEC Online Education Courses:
  8. HEC Academy:
  9. HEC Learning Management System:
  10. HEC Approved Journals:
  11. HEC Plagiarism Policy:
  12. HEC Digital Archive:
  13. HEC National Research Program for Universities (NRPU):
  14. HEC Theses and Dissertations Repository:
  15. HEC Pakistan Research Journals:
  16. HEC Digital Video Library:
  17. HEC Digital Book Library:
  18. HEC Curriculum Revision Portal:
  19. HEC Learning Objects Repository:
  20. HEC Approved PhD Supervisors:
  21. HEC Quality Assurance:
  22. HEC Accreditation Portal:
  23. HEC Digital Curriculum Repository:
  24. HEC Degree Attestation System:
  25. HEC Digital Thesis Repository:
  26. HEC Digital Lecture Archive:
  27. HEC Pakistan Education Statistics:
  28. HEC Learning Outcomes Curriculum:
  29. HEC Curriculum Revision Handbook:
  30. HEC Faculty Development Program:
  31. HEC National Curriculum Revision Committee:
  32. HEC Computer Science Curriculum

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