The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore under its project titled “In-service Training Facility of Advance Veterinary Education and Professional Development for Veterinary Professionals (IVPD)”, organized One Health Approach Towards Control of Rabies

It was funded by the Punjab government in collaboration with “Indus Hospital Karachi” and World Health Organization under the project heading of “Zero by 30” is collaborating with Local health authorities in Pakistan to help claiming the country “Rabies Free by 2030” organised a training workshop on “One Health Approach towards Control of Rabies” here on Thursday in UVAS City Campus.

In-charge Infectious Disease Department Indus Hospital Karachi Ms Naseem Salahuddin presided over the inaugural session of the workshop while Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Masood Rabbani, Director IVPD Project Dr Hafsa Zenab, In-charge Pet Center Prof Dr Asim Khalid, Chairman Department of Epidemiology Dr Hassan Mushtaq and large number of faculty members and students from UVAS sub-campuses were present.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms Naseem Salahuddin thanked UVAS to providing opportunity for working together to control rabies which is deadly disease for human.

She hoped that with the combine effort of UVAS and Indus Hospital Karachi rabies control programme would successfully running in Lahore through one health approach. She also mentioned various activities conducted to curb rabies diseases in Karachi.

Pro VC Prof Dr Masood Rabbani said UVAS Parasitology Department, Pet Center, Epidemiology department and whole Veterinary faculty working actively for the prevention of deadly disease like rabies. He thanked IVPD project for financial support and lauded organizers of the workshop to arrange workshop on very important issue.

Dr Hafsa Zaneb spoke about the objective of the IVPD project for the uplift of veterinary education and professional development. Dr Hassan Mushtaq presented the vote of thanks.

Meanwhile, Ms Naseem Salahuddin along with Pro VC Prof Dr Masood Rabbani met with UVAS Vice-Chancellor Meritorious Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha in his office.

The purpose of this activity was to implement the scientific methods for prevention of rabies by source control. Its other objectives includes mass dog vaccination, ,educational awareness of rabies prevention in the community through talks, flyers, posters and banners and encourage communities to maintain cleanliness of their environment, development of a team that will help in future to eliminate dog mediated Rabies.

Rabies is an enzootic and epizootic disease having worldwide significance affecting almost all mammals species and is characterized by acute encephalitis. Rabies virus transmitted through saliva to man by the bite of an infected animal usually a dog and over 95% of human cases caused by bites from rabid dogs.

Various aspects would be discuss in five days event related to prevention of rabies, introduction of one-health approach, experience of rabies-free Karachi project, community engagement and education, dog count survey, dog catching using control poles etc.

Video massage of Dr Bernadette Abela Ridder on neglected zoonotic diseases and Mr Daniel Steward on animal behavior were also presented during workshop.


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