Pakistan was facing serious negative climatic issues. Concerning the need of time the Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change has announced to make the Capital ‘Islamabad’ a plastic bag free city by Independence Day.

For the first time, the initiative Climate Launchpad started to tackle the mounting climatic concern. In order to take hold of the first pollutant problem caused by the polythene and plastic bags.

The government’s campaign to prohibit the use of plastic bags in Islamabad by Pakistan’s Independence Day on August 14.

The plan to free the environment of plastic would begin from the capital city starting from the parliament building. The initiative needs grim corporation from every single person to make a healthier environs.

Minister of State for climate change, Zartaj Gul reveal that the heavy fines are imposed if any one didn’t obey the law after the due date. Polythene and plastic bags are strictly banned in capital keeping in mind the plastic free city camapign.

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