Back in 2016 we started seeing these concepts of wireless chargers, everyone thought it was a cool and impressive idea but now when we are seeing them in the market we are not impressed with them rather we are much disappointed with these chargers as they are not efficient infact they make the problem even worse

As these are not really wireless chargers as they are connected though a wire.In most wireless chargers you can not even move them as you phone has to be placed on that charger until it charges , even the one you can move they may intend to fall, also along with these the biggest disadvantages is that they are really slow as compared to type c cables, they might be 3 to 5 times slower than type c chargers. All of these flaws make them worse than wired chargers

It is at this point certain that they are going to be replaced sooner than we think as no one is enjoying these chargers, they will most probably be replaced by chargers like the motherboard the true wireless charger or the charger which charges your device with light ,these ideas are also getting a lot of attention.

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