A global traditional freelancing giant Upwork has recently announced that it is “revamping the structure and pricing of Connects” be in motion to prop up professional freelancers and agencies to win more contracts. Freelancers will now have to pay for each bid proposal.

Freelancing Upwork to detached free bids on projectsThe revamped pricing structure of Connects will be altered for existing users between May and June. Whereas, new users will see this change by the end of this month.

According to the Upwork’s new policy, the cost per connect will be $0.15 and the platform will no longer provide 60 free Connects to the freelancers or 80 free Connects in case of agencies on monthly bases.

Remarkably, a user will have to spend 1 to 6 Connects to submit a proposal which was beforehand done in 0 to 2 Connects, depending on the job’s nature. However, proposals submitted to invites from clients will remain free.

Refurbish policy sounds like a positive change for experienced freelancers and meanwhile, it sounds bad for inexperienced freelancers. Professionals thought unskilled freelancers create distrust on the platform.

Moreover, freelancers working from emerging markets like Pakistan sees a hurdle to put in the bulky amount in their Upwork’s account to pay out on Connects for jobs’ proposals.

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