Subject wise instructions:

You are advised to follow subject wise instructions for active and effective study.

▪ Enhance your child reading skills through Oxford Reading Book.
▪ Elaborate difficult meaning from stories.
▪ Sequence of concept should be followed e.g. Noun, Singular noun, Plural noun then pronoun.
▪ Learn spellings of difficult words.
▪ Use fore line notebooks.
▪ Writing pattern should be followed.
▪ Use small blocks notebooks.
▪ Digits should be written in blocks.
▪ Follow concept in sequence like bonding, addition with bonding etc.
▪ Practise at least five questions in a day.
▪ Learn tables on daily basis.
▪ Use four line notebooks.
▪ Writing pattern should be followed.
▪ Make routine to learn and write at least five difficult words from Urdu Text Book.
▪ Try to read moral / Islamic story books.
▪ Do more practice of creative writing.
Social Sciences:
▪ Learn the spellings of difficult words.
▪ More focus on pictorial and tutorial explanation
▪ Help kids recite Holy Quran daily.
▪ Focus on “Tajweed” and” Makharaj”.
▪ Try to learn at least one dua daily.
General Guidelines:
▪ Make proper Time Table.
▪ Set up a homework friendly area.
▪ Touch all major subject on daily basis.
▪ Try to relate concept from environment or through small activities.
▪ Give more think and speak time to kids.
▪ Mention day and date on notebook /register.
▪ Keep your child health and fit through games.

Note: Parental involvement is very important in the academic success of the children. They should be encouraged to seek knowledge and learn moral values for example helping people in their time of need, forgiving others’ offenses, respecting parents and elders, fulfilling promises, being kind to people and to animals, being patient in adversity, maintaining justice, being honest, and controlling one’s anger appear as major virtues in the Islamic concept of morality.


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