5G brings a massive breakthrough that’s going to change the conventional way. Moreover, in Pakistan soon 5G will be launched. Considering this, Pakistan CMPak and Huawei have recently completed a commercial deployment of the latest 5G microwave technology.

Keeping in line the timely need
the initiative successfully achieved the industry’s longest distance microwave
MIMO link innovation test which reached 11km with 5Gbps capacity.

Pakistan CMPak in collaboration with the prevalent firm Huawei effectively achieved the first commercial use of fifth generation (5G) microwave MIMO solution for large-scale commercial use in Pakistan.

Furthermore, 5G microwave CA (Carrier Aggregation) high technology aggregate four carriers into one hardware that ultimately increased the capacity by 8 times with the same hardware as the traditional MIMO solution.

The innovative technology aimed to solve the problem of bandwidth upgrade under limited spectrum resources and can be flexibly expanded to double capacity.

5G microwave multiple input and multiple output MIMO solutions provide a new and grown-up solution for the network evolution towards fifth generation 5G.

On the same line in few years Pakistan with the technology era time compete and grasp the new innovations to flourish ahead as its cost effective combined hardware to minimize the errors and optimize the speed.

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