Prime Minister’s Youth Programme launch productive NJP

The government’s remarkable initiative National Job Programme (NJP) to be launched to create productive employment opportunities for youth.

Prime Minister’s Youth Programme launch productive NJP

Keeping in line, Usman Dar peculiar assistant to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs embrace a meeting with a team of German Development Scheme GIZ to explore various path of collaboration for the development of a competent NJP.

National Job Programme (NJP) consists of vocational training of youth in preeminent of TVET institutes, and their placements in pertinent industries to encourage national economic growth.

Furthermore, youth trained in high-end technologies in the fields of construction, hospitality, artificial intelligence, e-mobility and robotics would also endow to seek jobs in the international markets.

GIZ would rank the existing TVET sector institutes in the country based on the quality of their training programmes agreed in the Youth affairs job programme meeting.

Prime Minister’s Youth Programme would enlist top ranking institutes to communicate skills training to youth for a more productive employment under its National Job Programme.

Usman Dar valued GIZ for their role in the development of TVET sector in Pakistan, and articulated hope to influence their expertise in the meadow for creating better employment opportunities for the youth.


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PCMA organized a workshop to address time management for industry

A training workshop organized by Pakistan Chemical Manufacturers Association (PCMA) at PCMA head office to address the concept of time management for the industrial sector in Pakistan.

PCMA organized a workshop to address time management for industry

The ultimate aim of this workshop is the notion of time management that is mandatory to be embrace as a pre-requisite of the industry to knob the increased cost of doing business in Pakistan. The training workshop would help members to reduce the cost of production with the increased productivity.

The speakers included Mr. Ahmad Lateef, an International Time Management Expert, Syed Iqbal Kidwai, Chief Operating Officer of PCMA and a number of the practitioners of Time Management.

Representatives from various chemical industries of Pakistan including Nimir Chemicals, CHT Pakistan, Dynea Pakistan Limited, Nimir Resins, Descon Oxychem, Nimir Industrial Pakistan, Pharmagen, and DIC Pakistan Ltd attended the workshop.

PCMA Secretary General and COO Iqbal Kidwai, informed that the concept of time management has become a fundamental need in the countries like Pakistan, who are behind competitive edge due to increased cost of industrial production.

Ahmad Latif Operation Management expert said that Time Management had come up as a science in the developed world to increase productivity and congregate production targets of the industry, which should also be learnt by the local industry in Pakistan.

A comprehensive presentation given by Ahmad to the practitioners of the workshop on concepts of how not to be late for any commitments “The Art of Never Being Late”, how to prioritize your work on daily basis by introducing Eisenhower Grid and Time Quadrants.

The main focus of his presentation was how to create long term visions and to sentinel all promises and commitments. During this training participants learn how to improve quality of work by focusing on task-on-hands by creating a road map to cope time and life.

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Careem to facilitate Pakistani expatriates & e-business

CEO Careem Pakistan, Junaid Iqbal, called on Zulfikar Bukhari, peculiar assistant to prime minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development to confer over the ever-growing online market place, facilitate Pakistani expatriates and the role of government to regularize e-business.

Careem to facilitate Pakistani expatriates & e-business

CEO Careem and Zulfikar Bukhari comply for the formation of a system to facilitate expats that are OPF cardholders. Bukhari said that ride hailing service careem should give discounts to expats when they use its services in Pakistan. The labor force coming back to Pakistan may also be trained and employed by Careem, he added.

The online payment system for remittances was also the list of items of the meeting. Junaid Iqbal proposed a new online payment system for remittance where the expats can deliberately endow their money in products and get a market attuned rate of return. He showed his commitment to facilitate expats in Pakistan in all domains.

CEO Junaid also apprises SAPM on the working of Careem and how it has faced problems in the domain of tax, route permits and licensing. Ride Hailing service go for collaboration with the government in order to be a productive employer and a tax contributor.

Zulfikar Bukhari said that the online business needs to be registered as an industry. Women are progressively more participating in online businesses and this can give them the opportunity to create more crop and services which ultimately will benefit the economy as whole.

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Agri-dept grant 60 Pc subsidy on drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation the most water conserving and efficient system delivers the exact quantity of water needed directly to plant zones. Keeping in mind the dire need to save from hazards agriculture department is giving 60 percent subsidy on the provision of drip irrigated system.

Agri-dept grant 60 Pc subsidy on drip irrigation system

As agriculture constitutes the main sector of Pakistan’s economy and the bulk of the population, directly or indirectly, is dependent on this sector.

Considering it the agriculture information department emphasized drip irrigation system that is relatively modern irrigation technique and has increased water efficiency by 50 per cent.

The drip irrigated system saves time, labor and improves production and also lessens expenditures on fertilizers. It does not allow weeds to flourish because weeds not getting enough water.


The agriculture department has urged farmers to focus on irrigation system and in case of any query related to this process they could contact agriculture information department without any hesitation.

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