Govt schools to revive into Science technology schools

Technology will reach new heights and now a-days becomes the golden era in which digital education comes up as the key to success. Considering this, a key plan soon begun to convert all the government schools into ”Science technology schools”.

Govt schools soon revive into Science technology schoolsFederal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry disclosed, saying that the future of Pakistan belongs to technology and country has to cuddle modern technology in order to move forward and stay pace with the 3rd world countries.

In collaboration with education ministry the government would provide modern technology in government schools to work enthusiastically for developing schools as centers of knowledge.

In the S&T program almost 1500 government schools have been selected where government would introduce high-tech education for students to get hold of scientific and technological education.

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UET students developed telerobotic system using VR

Pakistani group of students from the UET, Lahore have highly developed telerobotic system that could amplify the use of robotics in local industries.

UET students developed telerobotic system using VRThe team comprises of Armughan Sarwar, Abdullah Humayun, and Muhammad Waseem developed the system as part of the Final Year Project uses robotic manipulators for path planning and re-configuring the path of robots in case of assembly changes.

Robots make repetitive tasks much easier but if the system requires any changes, modifying the patterns is a hard job and requires specialist services. It comprises of a robotic manipulator, a virtual reality headset, a machine vision system and a processing unit.

Project Supervisor, Ahsan Naeem says that the concept of telepresence is used to train the physical robots through a virtual robot.

“The intention is to interact with the robot in a virtual environment through a controller. The movement of the handheld controller is captured through motion capture system. The real physical robot will pursue the same path as of the virtual robot.”

Here’s the question arose what it does if the VR robot mimics the movements of the virtual robot in real time. The system is back-end programmed in such a way that anyone can program the robot to follow a specified path and perform the assigned tasks.

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Lahore Science Mela 2019 will befall on 5-6 October

Lahore Science Mela 2019 will take place on 5 and 6 October 2019 at the Children Libraries Complex, Lahore, to celebrate the mega science from all walks of life.

Lahore Science Mela 2019 will befall on 5-6 OctoberThis year, mela coming up with a thematically sectioned festival with active exhibitors focusing on physics, wildlife, energy and environment, industry, life sciences, medicine, geology and weather, space and astronomy.

As, 2019 being declared as the International Year of the Periodic Table, a special focus on materials, chemistry and the elements are drawn.

The ultimate aim of the event is to welcomed the people of Lahore to explore the scientific discoveries and milestones in Pakistan. Many budding youth from various schools of the city and outside going to exhibit their models at the event. 

Registrations for exhibitors, volunteers and sponsors are all open. Registrations are free. All you have to do is visit the special website dedicated for the Lahore Science Mela.


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ایک سیارچہ 22 مارچ کو دنیا کے قریب سے گزرے گا: ناسا

امریکی خلائی ادارے ناسا نے  متنبہ کیا ہے کہ  ای اے ٹو نامی ایک   سیارچہ  دنیا سے 3 لاکھ 5 ہزار کلومیٹر دور سے گزرے گا۔

  ماہرین   کا کہنا ہےکہ   یہ سیارچہ 22 مارچ کو   گزرے گا  جس کا فاصلہ  چاند اور دنیا کے درمیان  فاصلے  سے 80 ہزار کلومیٹر مزید  کم ہوگا۔

 اس سیارچےکی رفتار    5 کلومیٹر فی سیکنڈ ہوگی  جس کا قطر  18 تا 40 میٹر کے درمیان  ہوگا۔

ناسا نے  گزشتہ سال  ستمبر میں  بھی  ایک  ایس پی ون نامی سیارچے  کے زمین کے قریب سے گزرنے کا اعلان کیا تھا جس کا قطر  70 تا 160 میٹر کے درمیان تھا  جو کہ دنیا سے 5 اعشاریہ 87 ملین کلومیٹر دور سے گزر گیا  تھا ۔



Science Communication for Social Development

One-day training workshop on ‘Importance of Science Communication for Social Development’ held at Dr. Junaid Zaidi Library, COMSATS University Islamabad in collaboration with Technology Times and Faculty Development Academy (FDA), CUI.

Science Communication for Social Development

The honorable speaker’s Muhammad Ijaz – Former Director PR PAEC, Sayyed Paras Ali (Editor-Technology Times) and Kamran Amin (National Center for Nanoscience and Technology |CAS) spoke in the Science Communication workshop.

Dr. Mumtaz Fatima Jafari, FDA Advisor introduced the Faculty Development Academy agenda and highlights the workshop objective saying that the science communication plays a vital role in building a strong communication skill.

Muhammad Ijaz while explaining the objectives of workshop told the participants that Scientists play a very significant role in transmitting science information, but at the same time scientists don’t integrate well with society which is a barrier in science communication. He further, featured the ‘three pillars of good communication that are lagos – logical, pathos – emotions and ethos – ethical’ to convey the focal point.

“Scientist’s dire need to learn management skills to communicate effectively. For successful science, time and quality management should  be focused. Scientists should be the voice of public to solve their problems addressed by science. Scientists have to market himself, for that, they need communication skills. If not then scientists are responsible for the failure of scientific projects”, he added.

Sayyed Paras Ali, Editor Weekly Technology Times elaborated at the workshop saying that “Science Communication is proportional to social development and is an exponential variable to depict enigma of nature. Due to lack of interest of scientific knowledge and its slow propagation people are unable to know the advancements in science and technology. The more alarming fact is that science interest peters out more even in science students. In order to diffuse this situation, instantaneous measures must be taken”. He further emphasized Blogging, Vlogging and effective science writing.

Kamran Amin currently works at the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He did research in Energy Storage Materials and Devices. In the workshop, Amin highlights the Science Research by sharing his scientific knowledge expertise. He focused on the point that the science communication needs to be implemented properly to get most out of it. The best way of make people known to the science communication is to make it public.

The ultimate aim of organizing such kind of workshop is to make people aware of the hefty advancement that is going on in the field of science and technology because science and technology can play an important role in social development of any country.

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