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Archive: Punjab Food Authority Alerts

These alerts may include food safety concerns, unhygienic practices, and violations of food safety regulations over a period of time.

  1. Unhygienic food production: Avoid consuming food from establishments with poor hygiene practices; report such establishments to the Punjab Food Authority.
  2. Contaminated water supply in food businesses: Check if food businesses use clean water sources; avoid establishments using contaminated water and report them.
  3. Sale of expired food items: Always check expiration dates on food products before purchasing and consuming; report sellers offering expired items.
  4. Use of substandard or toxic ingredients: Be aware of the ingredients in your food; avoid products with suspicious ingredients and report violations to the authorities.
  5. Mislabeling or lack of proper labeling on food items: Carefully read food labels before purchasing; report products with missing or misleading labels to the authorities.
  6. Unlicensed food businesses: Ensure that food establishments you visit have proper licenses; report unlicensed businesses to the Punjab Food Authority.
  7. Presence of harmful chemicals or additives in food products: Educate yourself about harmful substances in food; avoid consuming products with such additives and report them.
  8. Pesticide residue in fruits and vegetables: Wash and peel fruits and vegetables thoroughly; choose organic produce when possible and report excessive pesticide use.
  9. Unauthorized use of food additives and colorants: Be vigilant about the additives in your food; avoid products containing unauthorized additives and report them.
  10. Presence of harmful bacteria or pathogens in food items: Practice proper food handling and storage to minimize contamination; report establishments serving contaminated food.
  11. Improper storage of perishable food items: Store perishable items at appropriate temperatures; avoid purchasing products with signs of improper storage and report violations.
  12. Inadequate temperature control in cold storage facilities: Ensure that cold storage facilities maintain proper temperatures; report facilities failing to comply with regulations.
  13. Food adulteration: Be cautious about food authenticity; avoid purchasing adulterated products and report violations to the authorities.
  14. Insufficient food safety training for staff: Choose establishments with well-trained staff; report food businesses with inadequately trained employees.
  15. Presence of allergens in food products without proper warning labels: Check labels carefully for allergen information; report products missing allergen warnings to the authorities.
  16. Use of non-food grade packaging materials: Avoid products with suspicious packaging; report instances of non-food grade packaging use to the Punjab Food Authority.
  17. Unhygienic handling of food items by staff: Observe staff hygiene practices; avoid establishments with unhygienic staff and report them.
  18. Cross-contamination in food preparation areas: Be mindful of potential cross-contamination; report establishments with improper food handling practices.
  19. Pest infestation in food establishments: Avoid establishments with visible signs of pest infestation; report such businesses to the Punjab Food Authority.
  20. Inadequate cleaning and sanitization practices: Choose establishments with clean facilities and proper sanitization; report businesses with inadequate cleaning practices.
  21. Sale of counterfeit food products: Be cautious about the authenticity of food products; report counterfeit items to the authorities.
  22. Illegal slaughterhouses: Avoid purchasing meat from unregulated sources; report illegal slaughterhouses to the Punjab Food Authority.
  23. Sale of non-halal food items as halal: Verify halal certification of food products; report establishments selling non-halal items as halal.
  24. Use of carcinogenic substances in food processing: Be aware of potentially harmful substances in processed foods; avoid such products and report them.
  25. Sale of substandard dairy products: Purchase dairy products from trusted sources; report substandard dairy products to the authorities.
  26. Illegal import or export of food products: Avoid purchasing imported or exported food items without proper documentation; report illegal import/export activities.
  27. Inadequate hygiene practices in street food stalls: Choose street food vendors with good hygiene practices; report unhygienic stalls to the Punjab Food Authority.
  28. Sale of unsafe or unregulated food supplements: Verify the safety and authenticity of food supplements before purchasing; report unsafe or unregulated supplements to the authorities.
  29. Presence of heavy metals in food items: Be aware of potential heavy metal contamination in food; avoid consuming contaminated products and report any concerns.
  30. Sale of frozen meat products without proper labeling: Check labels on frozen meat products for proper information; report products missing labels or with incorrect information.
  31. Use of prohibited hormones or antibiotics in animal farming: Choose meat and dairy products from reputable sources; report concerns about hormone or antibiotic misuse to the authorities.
  32. Inadequate food recall procedures: Stay informed about food recalls; report establishments failing to comply with recall procedures to the Punjab Food Authority.
  33. Unsafe food transportation practices: Ensure food items are transported and stored safely; report unsafe transportation practices to the authorities.
  34. Sale of ungraded or low-quality grains: Purchase grains from trusted sources; report sellers offering ungraded or low-quality grains to the authorities.
  35. Improper disposal of food waste: Dispose of food waste responsibly; report establishments with improper waste disposal practices to the Punjab Food Authority.
  36. Use of non-potable water in food preparation: Ensure that food establishments use potable water for food preparation; report instances of non-potable water use.
  37. Inadequate food testing and monitoring: Stay informed about food testing results; report establishments with inadequate testing and monitoring practices.
  38. Unhygienic food preparation surfaces: Choose food establishments with clean food preparation areas; report businesses with unhygienic surfaces.
  39. Sale of unsafe baby and infant food products: Verify the safety and quality of baby food products before purchasing; report unsafe products to the authorities.
  40. Illegal or unregulated fishing practices: Choose seafood from sustainable sources; report concerns about illegal or unregulated fishing practices.
  41. Sale of foods containing excessive amounts of sugar or salt: Be mindful of the sugar and salt content in your food; report products with excessive amounts to the authorities.
  42. Unapproved genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food products: Be cautious about GMOs in your food; avoid unapproved GMOs and report them.
  43. Unhygienic conditions in food storage areas: Choose food establishments with clean storage areas; report businesses with unhygienic storage conditions.
  44. Use of contaminated utensils in food preparation: Observe food preparation practices; report establishments using contaminated utensils.
  45. Lack of proper ventilation in food establishments: Choose establishments with adequate ventilation; report businesses with poor ventilation to the Punjab Food Authority.
  46. Sale of food items with undeclared or prohibited ingredients: Check food labels for ingredient information; report products containing undeclared or prohibited ingredients.
  47. Inadequate separation of raw and cooked foods: Observe food handling practices; report establishments failing to separate raw and cooked foods properly.
  48. Sale of unsafe or unregulated herbal products: Verify the safety and authenticity of herbal products before purchasing; report unsafe or unregulated herbal products to the authorities.
  49. Inadequate food safety management systems: Choose establishments with effective food safety management systems; report businesses with inadequate systems.
  50. Presence of mycotoxins in food items: Be aware of potential mycotoxin contamination in food products; avoid consuming contaminated products and report any concerns.

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