Conference on ‘Sustainable Development Halophytes for Green Revolution’

A three-day international conference on ‘Sustainable Development: Halophytes for Green Revolution’ held at Karachi University Business School (KUBS), KU, organized by the Institute of Sustainable Halophyte Utilization (ISHU) of the University of Karachi.

At international conference experts longing on the policies to endorse alternative solutions to tackle challenges of food insecurity in future.

Professor Dr Hans-Werner Koyro from Germany shared that people are getting older and constraint of getting good food is also getting higher and higher as the competition with food has increased over the years. There are around 2000 different types of halophytes around the world and still, the meaning of halophyte is not clear.

Dr Hans-Werner added that some labeled potatoes, which is for the most part used as a regular food item, as halophyte. Hence, there is a dire need for research-based use of plants for saline agriculture. We believe, many local halophytes of saline habitats which are already salinity tolerant can be shaped as future crops through concentrated direction-based research.”

For the time being, UNESCO France Director Dr Miguel Clusener-Godt shared that it was his second visit to the country and Karachi University as well and was delighted to see how academia and scientific bodies are moving forward in the field of halophyte biology.

UNESCO France Director said that higher education institutes are taking interest in halophytes and thinning out awareness and knowledge concerning the uses and benefits of halophytes. The youngsters are captivating interest in the topic which is a very positive and good sign as they have to take over in future and this is the right time for them to learn and execute.

Halophytes could also endow protection to the coastal lines and in some cases, Pakistan and other countries, are using plants as greenification as well. The structurized work approach should be adopted while working on halophyte projects that will bolster every aspect.


First Two-day National Scientific Congress to be held from Dec 15

First two-day National Scientific Congress will be held in Federal capital from December 15-16 organized for the first time in Pakistan by ShifaTameer-e-Millat University (STMU) and Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. (SIH) at Pak-China Friendship Centre.

First Two-day National Scientific Congress to be held from Dec 15

National Scientific Congress  aimed to premeditate upon the innovative practices in variety of domains including Information Technology and Digital health under one roof to interact and collaborate with each other for addressing national issues there by revolutionizing the health sector.

The ultimate objective of the congress is to publicize the practices, observations and outcomes of familiar sight trials and local research, new guidelines and innovations in the field of Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacy, Nursing, Biomedical and Allied Health Science.

Consultants, general practitioners, chiefs, directors, professors, associate professors, assistant professors, lecturers, demonstrators, pharmacists, nursing and paramedics and undergraduate students will take part in the congress.

The National Scientific Congress shall be preceded by pre-congress events including workshops, academic discussions and master classes, and shall be an annual event.

The congress shall focus expansively upon Modernization, Integration and Application through benefiting from the new guidelines, landmark trials, local research and innovations in the field of Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacy, Nursing, Biomedical and Allied Health Sciences.

National Scientific Congress will bring an incremental change towards addressing health related issues and lay down foundation for national level policy making.

National Scientific Congress will bring exceptional opportunity and a unique platform to combine the knowledge and experiences of experts from diverse domains.

National Scientific Congress  is highly appreciable that such initiatives are being taken by the private sector with willpower to benefit the nation to base a healthy Pakistan.

The deadline for National Scientific Congress registration was November 26, 2018 while late and on-site registrations shall continue till the event day.

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Pakistani IT companies flaunt products at China hi-tech fair in Shenzhen

Pakistan’s Information Technology (IT) companies flaunt their products at the Belt and Road  pavilion in the leading china hi-tech fair opened in Shenzhen in South China’s Guangdong province.  

Pakistani IT companies flaunt products at China hi-tech fair in Shenzhen

Pakistani six companies including Stella Technology, Zekab and ExportHub  were shortlisted and facilitated by Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) for taking part in the china hi-tech fair .

Pakistani shortlisted companies had a greater opportunity to showcase their stuffs to explore business opportunities and seeking partnership from Chinese entrepreneurs. Selected companies must get benefit from the experience of Chinese companies which are ahead of us in Information Technology (IT) sector .

China Hi-Tech fair theme  is “New Development Concept for High-Quality Growth” at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.  CHTF has become an important window for China’s high-tech sector an d the most efficient high-tech trading platform, known as the “No. 1 Fair of China’s Science and Technology”.

The wide-ranging exhibitions platform the products brought by enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions, innovation centers and incubation centers.The event has pinched more than 3,000 exhibitors from over 30 countries and it will continue for five days .

Covering a total area  of 120,000 square meters, 12 exhibition zones feature hi-tech products in environmental protection, biological sciences, new energy, new materials, military and civil integration, and sensor technology.

Professional exhibitions c over fields of IT, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy, green building, new materials, smart medical health, aerospace science and technology, photo electricity, smart city, advanced manufacturing, military and civilian integration, sensor technology and IT applications.

Hi-Tech fair organizers have arranged corresponding meetings between overseas purchasers and domestic hi-tech companies, and investigation tours for international exhibitors.

Pakistani companies flaunt their products at CHTF in a wide domain can bring mammoth and extremely large opportunities for Pakistan to flourish in the IT sector and on the sentry for partnership from worldwide entrepreneurs.

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International Conference on Mathematics go ahead at GCU Lahore

International Conference on Mathematics and its Applications began at the Government College University (GCU) Lahore to provide a platform to scientists, industrial professionals and academicians to exchange ideas and present their latest research in the field of Mathematical Sciences.

International Conference on Mathematics go ahead at GCU Lahore

The conference would provide opportunities for the participants to exchange new ideas, share knowledge and experiences to establish research relations and to find global partners for future collaborations.

The theme of the conference will cover the major areas of Mathematical sciences such as; Functional Analysis and its Applications, Fluid Dynamics, Fuzzy logic, Topological Vector Spaces and Nonlinear Operator Theory, Best Approximations Theory, Soft Set Theory, Graph Theory, Algebra and more.

GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah chaired the inaugural session of the conference which was also addressed by Prof Dr Roumen Anguelov from University of Pretoria, South Africa and Prof Ekram Savas from Van Yüzüncü Yýl University, Turkey.

Besides 61 national scientists and research scholars, as many as 11 foreign scientists from USA, South Africa, Turkey and Thailand are also presenting their papers at the three-day conference organized by the University’s Mathematics Department in cooperation with the federal and provincial higher education commissions.

Prof Abdon Atangana from South Africa, one of the youngest professors of Mathematics in the world at the age of 30, is also attending the symposium.

Sharing his experiences at the inaugural ceremonial, comprehend aspirants to be they and chase of their interests rather than those students who chose their subjects on the basis of scope instead of their interests.

GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah proudly holding three conferences this week which provided them opportunities to establish research and academic linkages with national and international universities.

GCU Mathematics Department had been the most elderly place of learning and imparting knowledge of Mathematics in Pakistan.

GCU was the only centre of teaching Mathematics in this part of the subcontinent until 1920 when the Punjab University established its Department of Mathematics.

Mathematics was very an enormous field of science but unfortunately youth studied mathematics without knowing its applications which resulted in decline in their interest as well as understanding.

Modern research had become multifaceted and multidisciplinary so universities needed to puddle in their resources and expertise.

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