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An interview with Dr Muhammad Farooq Buzdar CEO,  Buzdar Insights

Dr Muhammad Farooq Buzdar

CEO,  Buzdar Insights | A Research and Consultancy Firm

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How and why did you start this business?

Buzdar Insights is a research and consultancy business. I decide to start, this business when I  was leading research team of ZONG Pakistan. I met several companies as research lead  and realize the gap in market research industry. There are very few people who know research and  its implementation. Most of the research companies apply business models which does not fit in Pakistani context. I wanted to help Pakistani companies and give them guidance in context of Pakistan

What are examples of the type of problems you solve?

We help companies in identifying the market problems. Market research, analysis of both secondary and primary data with the help of predictive analytics help us , in identification of segmentation, pricing  and positioning of firms

What is the company’s competitive advantage?

We a group of research professional. Everyone of us has at least 18 years education in research.

What about the biggest challenges for the team/company?

We need to educate our people about importance of data  and research. Acceptance of research is very low in Pakistan. Business owner take decisions on intuitions. The difficult part is to convince them to do research and follow it.

How do you on-board an employee?

Our basic criteria to add any employee in organization is his research work and belief that data can speak. We believe in data driven decision and  we make sure, people joining us have same mindset.

What is the current growth like, are you profitable?

We are profitable, but our profit source is international markets. We virtually help several starts in Europe and USA.

Do you have infrastructure in place to take advantage of the growth?
Our objective is to increase our digital scope. We have two YouTube channels “Muhammad Farooq Buzdar”  and “Dr Farooq Buzdar- Urdu Channel” to increase awareness of business community

What are the top issues preventing you from achieving your growth targets?

Pakistan needs organizations like Jump Start [JumpStart Pakistan], and platforms like Upwork to gather the companies on one platform. For us bigger problem is finding clients