CEO Careem Pakistan, Junaid Iqbal, called on Zulfikar Bukhari, peculiar assistant to prime minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development to confer over the ever-growing online market place, facilitate Pakistani expatriates and the role of government to regularize e-business.

CEO Careem and Zulfikar Bukhari comply for the formation of a system to facilitate expats that are OPF cardholders. Bukhari said that ride hailing service careem should give discounts to expats when they use its services in Pakistan. The labor force coming back to Pakistan may also be trained and employed by Careem, he added.

The online payment system for remittances was also the list of items of the meeting. Junaid Iqbal proposed a new online payment system for remittance where the expats can deliberately endow their money in products and get a market attuned rate of return. He showed his commitment to facilitate expats in Pakistan in all domains.

CEO Junaid also apprises SAPM on the working of Careem and how it has faced problems in the domain of tax, route permits and licensing. Ride Hailing service go for collaboration with the government in order to be a productive employer and a tax contributor.

Zulfikar Bukhari said that the online business needs to be registered as an industry. Women are progressively more participating in online businesses and this can give them the opportunity to create more crop and services which ultimately will benefit the economy as whole.

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