There are various websites that offer free subscriptions to matric students


Punjab college’s website offers free to watch video lectures for classes of 9 and 10. Currently, their website is being used by many students as it offers free-to-watch video lectures of all subjects and topics to the students of 9 and 10. In the case of first and second-year students, they might have to get admission at a Punjab college campus to get video lectures for first and second year classes

Ilm ki Dunya

This is a free website that offers free to watch video lecture for almost all federal an provincial students,its videos are available on multiple platforms such as youtube ,faceebook and its own website etc

NOON academy

It is the best free application available andriod for matric students it is available for free on google play and is a very frequently learning application used to take video lectures


kips academy, schools, and colleges are offering to learn from home pre-recorded and live video lectures for half the price of their normal fees it also offers android app and websites where not just can keep track of your progress but also give tests and other facilities like pre-recorded lectures are present


Unique group of schools and collages offer all the facilities that are offered by kips and after kips are the second well knowned for their studies in Pakistan,their result each year is very high

Unique Group of Institutions –

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