Sindh University & Dairy Science Park signs MoU over “CBMI”

University of Sindh vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat and Dairy Science Park  (DSP-Chief Patron Prof. Dr. Subhan Qureshi) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) entitled, “Collaborative Bio-risk Management Initiative (CBMI)” with a vision to guard public health through policy mediation at the vice chancellor’s office.

Sindh University & Dairy Science Park signs MoU over "CBMI"

Collaborative Bio-risk Management Initiative (CBMI) aimed at preventing and controlling bio-risk factors as well as generation of pathogens in animal, human and environment segments separately and in interaction.

Keeping in line the MoU, both the university of sindh and dairy science park targeting the two significant goals of  self-employment of youth and hygienic food production.

Sindh University and DSP would oblige through evaluating the bio-risk factors linked with commercial farming, transportation, slaughtering, processing and marketing of livestock, poultry and fisheries products and human health and veterinary clinical practices.

The project aims to build University of Sindh as a most important institution to make available assistance to other similar institutions on the implementation of bio-risk management curriculum, and to strengthen interdisciplinary linkages in bio-risk management.

In order to shield health of students, biomedical professionals (including laboratory staff and public and animal health workers) and local communities, the research projects would be launched; standards and regime guidelines for farming and processing units and service providers will be developed.

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HEC allotted Rs81.4m to KU for 25 research projects

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan under its National Research Program for Universities has awarded grant of 25 research projects worth Rs 81.43 million to the Karachi University.

HEC allotted Rs81.4m to KU for 25 research projects

25 participants received HEC awarded research projects include Dr Afsheen Aman from Dr A Q Khan Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering has acknowledged a project worth Rs6, 289,904.

Research project of Dr Asia Naz of Pharmaceutical Chemistry worth Rs6, 21, 2,383, and Professor Dr Muhammad Haris Shoaib from Pharmaceutics has received Rs2, 996,236.

Dr Huma Ikram of Biochemistry allot Rs1,123,238, Dr Ishrat Jamil of KIBGE bestow Rs2,574,527 for their ongoing research project, Dr Maqsood Ali Ansari from Genetics Rs1,000,483, Dr Nousheen Mushtaq of Pharmaceutical Chemistry allot Rs1,245,452, Dr Seema Shafique from CEMB received Rs3,827,324 from HEC Pakistan.

Furthermore, Dr Shah Ali Ul Qadar of KIBGE grant Rs3,044,650, Dr Sitwat Zehra from KIBGE Rs1,982,177, Dr Syed Abdus Subhan of Microbiology Rs4,257,424, Dr Syeda Nuzhat Nawab from KIBGE Rs3,183,222, Professor Dr Tasneem Adam Ali of Microbiology Rs4,386,079, Dr Syed Zamin Shaheed Siddiqui from Botany Rs2,125,375.

Dr Abdul Hameed of Halophyte Rs2, 700,324,Professor Dr Abid Hasnain from Food Science Rs8,639,207, Dr Anwar Ali of Physiology Rs3,513,248, Dr Humaira Bano from Chemistry Rs1,968,158, Dr Lubna Naz of Physiology Rs1,438,691, Dr Muhammad Sohail from Microbiology Rs2,549,375, Dr Sadaf Ahmed of Physiology Rs3,961,258.

Dr Salman Gulzar from Halophyte allot Rs5,006,845, Dr Shaista Perveen of Chemistry Rs2,589,338, Dr Taseer Ahmed Khan from Physiology Rs1,406,050, and Dr Irfan Aziz of Halophyte Rs3,412,662 grant by Higher Education Pakistan entitled for research projects under the national research scheme.

University of Karachi vice chancellor congratulating the research scholars said that the existing challenges could be addressed with the help of research as it is the key to success.

To promote high quality research in the society, we have to establish research friendly environment, to achieve our goals.

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Agri-dept grant 60 Pc subsidy on drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation the most water conserving and efficient system delivers the exact quantity of water needed directly to plant zones. Keeping in mind the dire need to save from hazards agriculture department is giving 60 percent subsidy on the provision of drip irrigated system.

Agri-dept grant 60 Pc subsidy on drip irrigation system

As agriculture constitutes the main sector of Pakistan’s economy and the bulk of the population, directly or indirectly, is dependent on this sector.

Considering it the agriculture information department emphasized drip irrigation system that is relatively modern irrigation technique and has increased water efficiency by 50 per cent.

The drip irrigated system saves time, labor and improves production and also lessens expenditures on fertilizers. It does not allow weeds to flourish because weeds not getting enough water.


The agriculture department has urged farmers to focus on irrigation system and in case of any query related to this process they could contact agriculture information department without any hesitation.

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Pakistan engage in International Horticultural Expo 2019

Pakistan to participate in such a high level International Horticultural Expo 2019  begin from 29th April in Beijing China. Pakistan along with eighty-six countries and twenty-four organizations has confirmed participation in the magnificent exhibition.

Pakistan engage in International Horticultural Expo 2019

China to hold such a splash mega horticulture expo for the second time. The first such event was held in the southwestern Chinese city of Kunming in 1999.

Jiao Yutong the organizing committee of the event said that all infrastructures for 100 indoor and outdoor gardens for Japan, Germany, Pakistan and Thailand for the exhibition have been completed. A number of plants have been shipped to the gardens.

Participating countries have taken the exhibition as a podium for representing their most up-to-date horticulture achievements and promoting tourism as well as making horticulture and agriculture exchanges.

The expo will put on display flower, fruit, and vegetable farming at the foot of the Great Wall in Yanqing on the fringes of Beijing. Throughout the expo, visitors can also get pleasure from more than 2,500 cultural activities.

China will showcase 34 gardens at the exhibition, where visitors can enjoy horticulture provisions to the backdrop of China’s assorted landscape designs.


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Pakistan initiates Science Diplomacy to mend smart technologies

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi inaugurated the first high level inter-agency meeting of Science Diplomacy initiative to perk up Pakistan’s access to smart technologies at the foreign office in Islamabad.

Pakistan initiates Science Diplomacy to mend smart technologies

The ultimate aim of Science Diplomacy is to promote constructive international partnerships with the centers of excellence of science and technology abroad and commerce efficiently with trans-boundary challenges such as climate, energy, water, poverty diminution, health and education.

Science Diplomacy will improve Pakistan’s admittance to smart technologies and international technical assistance, especially in the backdrop of the implementation of the sustainable development goals.

The initiative focal point is establishing international research collaborations, competence building, improving public health, identical labor skills with international market requirements.

International Research Collaborations

The meeting was attended by senior representatives from health, education, science and technology, energy, climate change, food security and industries. The participants have also presented proposals in their areas of expertise, outlining possible avenues for international cooperation.

In order to workout at the plan to smooth the progress of international science and technology initiative collaborations the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs requires feedback from both the public and private sectors.

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