SAU student devised ‘smart bag’ to track students

In Pakistan, Child abduction becomes frequent crime. Children’s went to school to attain education but unfortunately becomes the abduction victim. Keeping in view, Raheel Sarwar a final year student of the Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) Tandojam situated near Hyderabad has devised what he called ‘smart bag’ competent of tracking location for students.

SAU student devised 'smart bag' to track students

Information Technology student Raheel Sarwar conceived an idea of school bags featuring location of students, temperature of classrooms and information on their syllabus using an electronic circuit.

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The smart bag will be connected to smartphones so, that the parents can keep an eye to save their children from any hazard. This simply means that parents can easily access the information concerning whereabouts of their children.

The useful device is first of its kind could inform parents about timetables of classes.  Now, the students wearing smart bag can’t skip their classes and be on time when leaving the place. This smart bag gadget promised the security of every Pakistani aspirant.

Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) Tandojam


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PARC & ETI-GB signed MoU for agricultural growth in GB

Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) and Economic Transformation Initiative Program, Gilgit Baltistan (ETI-GB) join hands for improving sustenance of Gilgit Baltistan rural community all the way through agricultural development.

PARC & ETI-GB signed MoU for agricultural growth in GB

PARC a national organization working in secure alliance with public and private sector institutions in the country to grant science based solutions for the development of agriculture in Pakistan.

Whereas; Economic Transformation Initiative Program, Gilgit Baltistan, (ETI-GB) aims at improving income, plummeting poverty and starvation in the rural areas of Gilgit Baltistan.

For the speedy development of Gilgit Baltistan, ETI-GB and PARC have documented strategy to combine their potentials to energize efforts for research on agriculture technologies to combat the raising issue.

The amenities of the both organizations shall be utilized for the benefit of learning and sharing for greater benefit of communities of Gilgit Baltistan, as well as both the organizations will share information for research on agriculture technologies.

PARC and ETI-GB will also hold joint capacity building initiatives (training’s, workshops, seminars, coverage visits and information broadcasting campaigns) to teach farmers and other community of all pertinent issues.

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PARC established 300 clubs to endorse organic agriculture

A kitchen and roof top gardening initiative introduced to endorse organic agriculture. Under this program Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) has established more than 300 clubs in clone cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

PARC established 300 clubs to endorse organic agriculture

PARC demand all-purpose public had initiated the Programme to help citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi regions to grow fresh organic vegetables at their household that are healthy and pesticides free.

Kitchen gardening has an immense latent for addressing food and health of urban and peri-urban Pakistan. The government has taken some steps to promote organic farming in the country and these included productions of organic seasonal vegetables at National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) field.

About 500 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) personnel have been provided services for promotion of Organic Farming Kitchen gardening in Islamabad, KPK, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

Dr. Sher Baloch agriculture expert said Organic Agriculture is a production system that sustains health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes, bio-diversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than use of inputs with adverse effects.

The noticeable advantages allied with household gardening such as pesticide free produce and availability at the doorstep on one side and on the other hand, vegetable and herbs have high nutritional values.

If these are grown, households could be able to get balanced diet which mainly contributes to the healthy society. Research officers and pasture staff are also accessible with the Programme to endow training and services at their household.

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Utilization of (PRSS-1) forum arranged by SUPARCO

Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) in collaboration with Planning Commission of Pakistan arranged a seminar entitled as “Utilization of Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite (PRSS-1) data for socio-economic development.”

Utilization of (PRSS-1) forum arranged by SUPARCO

Minister for Planning, Development, and Statistics Division Makhdum Khusro Bakhtyar accentuate that efficient utilization of space sciences and technologies could play a significant role in socio-economic development of the country.

Geospatial technologies and satellite imagery engaged for real-time monitoring and mapping of development projects which endow with constant update and assist in better planning and implementation moreover make secure transparency in the projects.

Satellite technology should be used for assessment of crop sizes, water flows, extraction of minerals and other natural resources as well as in better management of forestry and infrastructure projects accruing socio-economic reimbursement.

A pilot project launched for efficient monitoring and evaluation of various development projects and schemes for efficient implementation and better decision making by the ministry.

The nation’s national space agency SUPARCO needs to be endorsed for the work and contribution as it uplift the country to accomplish frequent goals of national development.

At the end of convention minister for planning Khusro Bakhtyar hoped that the commission would persist to enlarge and commence new technologies which would further make a payment to the intensification of national economy for betterment of the people.

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Mega Home Science Event 2019 organized by UOP

College of Home Economics, University of Peshawar organized Mega Home Science Event 2019. There will be Science Model Competition and Quiz Competition for female students of Schools/ Colleges and University.

Mega Home Science Event 2019 organized by UOP

Around 13 colleges from across the province took part in the science event. Over 100 science models had been put on exhibit at the 38 stalls. Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Technology (IT) Kamran Bangash was the chief guest.

Kamran Bangash said that the IT department was operational quick to facilitate general commuters at public bus stand Peshawar with free Wifi service. 25 government colleges would be supported to have free internet facility and Wifi service.

There’s a need to engage academics in his IT initiatives through mutual collaborations and consequently Kohat, Bannu, Haripur and Abbottabad universities will be taken over and snub completely in IT sector by the department as a pilot project.

Kamran Bangash, as a part of the clean and green drive, planted a sapling along the Principal Prof Farhatun Nisa Shehzad at the college. Afterward, he along with organizers visited each stall at the exhibition and admired the enthusiastic girls in the scientific meadow.

Students come up with the screen, block, and batik techniques of textile and clothing exhibition that needs to be accredited and opens endorsement for the fashion designs on a larger canvass to go for a large scale production.

Dr Sarah Safdar awarded the prizes, certificates and shields to the participants of the mega home science event 2019. Hayatabad Girls Degree College, won the first position in the science event.

And Peshawar Medical College won the quiz competition. The Home Economics College student won the first position in individual science innovative model.

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