Earth Day 2019 to ‘Protect Our Species’

Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April of every year worldwide to exhibit the need to conserve the planet and its environment. This year’s theme is to ‘Protect our Species’.

Earth Day 2019 to 'Protect Our Species'The idea of commemorating such a day was to look after valuable species and bolster awareness about the accelerating rate of extinction. A lot of eradication caused to plants and wildlife populations mainly due to human activity.

Some of the main reasons behind the eradication are climate change, deforestation and pollution, most significant the plastic pollution that adversely affect the wildlife habitat and humans too.

To sluggish and bring to a close the extinction of rare species the World Earth day is accompanied to save the environment from diverse hazards.

In order to combat the alarming issues every single person needs to take instant actions such as by planting saplings to rescue the nature , avoid plastic bags that vigorously destroy the species.

We must need to protect our assets [species] from natural disasters by insulate the particular places where they live. Wildlife must have places to find foodstuff, proper shelter to boost their adolescent and ultimately it lessen the extinction.

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Govt finalized cyber security policy to grab threats

Cyber security is the most serious economic as well as national security threat, of that time. As, the challenges and technologies in this arena evolve vigorously. Considering that the govt come up with cyber security strategy it needs and has been waiting for.

Govt finalized cyber security policy to grab threatsConfer to that government finalized the new cyber security policy in Pakistan, as disclosed by the Minister for IT, Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui that ultimately digitize Pakistan.

He exposed that the government will build up the authority under the new-fangled policy. Now mobile phones are going to turn out to be a key gizmo for the education and banking sectors.

Keeping the concerned matter, land will be provided to the telecom companies including Huawei for the development of mobile manufacturing plants in Hazara.

In forthcoming years, it will need 0.2 million alumnae with the proficiency in modern technology.

On the other side, Fawad Chaudhry, the federal Information Minister exposed that the government is planning to develop the Media Technology University so media can grow with the ground-breaking skills.

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Pakistan aim to undertake 5G technology 2020

Huawei is persuading Pakistan to undertake its low-cost 5G technology to go digital ecosystem. Keeping in scrutiny, Pakistan make an effort for the commercial deployment of 5G services in the second half of next year.

Pakistan aim to undertake 5G technology 2020Huawei estimates that 5G will bring industry opportunities worth $1.2 trillion to South Asia and Southeast Asia over the next five years.

“Huawei has already established a strong presence in the Pakistani market,” a senior Pakistan Telecommunications Authority official disclosed. “This should give them an edge.”

Close links between Beijing and Islamabad are also expected to boost Huawei’s 5G ambitions in Pakistan, a country that has already benefited from investment worth tens of billions of dollars under China’s flagship Belt and Road Initiative.

Mohammad Suhail, Head of the Karachi-based Topline Securities Investors’ Advisory said that “Attractive tariffs for 5th Generation users will be the key to encouraging a large number of customers.”

Charges for data services in Pakistan were elevated than in many other developing economies, Suhail said, with gear outlays and the high prices for 5 Generation spectrum anticipated to add to cost pressures.

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AKU & LEAD Pakistan holds seminar on ‘Heat Waves’

Aga Khan University (AKU) and LEAD Pakistan are hosting a seminar on “Preparing Communities and Hospitals for Heat Waves – Lessons Learnt from Karachi, Pakistan” on 19th April, 2019 at Ramada Hotel (Noor Hall), Islamabad.

AKU & LEAD Pakistan holds seminar on 'Heat Waves'

The purpose of this seminar is to shape up findings of a research project “Heat Emergency Awareness and Treatment (HEAT)” jointly amalgamated by Aga Khan University (AKU), Aman Foundation and Johns Hopkins University (JHU), USA.

The project was funded by Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises (R2HC), UK. The intention of the project was to get ready community and hospital emergency departments to deal with heat emergencies in an improved and effective way.

The honorable speakers who spoke at the event are Dr. Nadeem Ullah Khan, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Acute Care, The Aga Khan University on the topic “Hospitals preparedness for the management of heat emergencies”.

While, concerning on topic “Heat preparedness at community level” presented by Mr. Zaheer Chand, GM, Measurement, Learning and Evaluation, The Aman Foundation.

On the other hand, the moderator discussion panel going to be held where diverse experts negotiate over the concerned subject to create awareness and impart knowledge.

The event will bring to together national and provincial stakeholders to explore best practices and lessons for heat wave management in Pakistan.


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Freelancing Upwork to detached free bids on projects

A global traditional freelancing giant Upwork has recently announced that it is “revamping the structure and pricing of Connects” be in motion to prop up professional freelancers and agencies to win more contracts. Freelancers will now have to pay for each bid proposal.

Freelancing Upwork to detached free bids on projectsThe revamped pricing structure of Connects will be altered for existing users between May and June. Whereas, new users will see this change by the end of this month.

According to the Upwork’s new policy, the cost per connect will be $0.15 and the platform will no longer provide 60 free Connects to the freelancers or 80 free Connects in case of agencies on monthly bases.

Remarkably, a user will have to spend 1 to 6 Connects to submit a proposal which was beforehand done in 0 to 2 Connects, depending on the job’s nature. However, proposals submitted to invites from clients will remain free.

Refurbish policy sounds like a positive change for experienced freelancers and meanwhile, it sounds bad for inexperienced freelancers. Professionals thought unskilled freelancers create distrust on the platform.

Moreover, freelancers working from emerging markets like Pakistan sees a hurdle to put in the bulky amount in their Upwork’s account to pay out on Connects for jobs’ proposals.

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