Pakistan invent latest satellite-based technique of CO2 mapping

Ministry of Climate Change started a project in Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency titled as “Geomatic Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Development”. The project with latest techniques and evaluation methods encourages the application of Satellite Remote Sensing (SRS), Geographical Information System (GIS) and Geographical Positioning System (GPS) technologies in environmental monitoring and decision-making. Geomatic Centre has already initiated the process of mapping CO2 emissions in Pakistan using GIS.

Officials of EPA, SUPARCO and Ministry gathered at a seminar on “Role of Geographical Information System (GIS) in Monitoring CO2 Emissions” and briefed the students, media persons and environmentalists about the new project and its utility. The seminar focused on capacity building and mixing skills of different public and private stakeholders on (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) technologies.

CO2 is one of the greatest donors to the global warming which ultimately impacts the climate change. A GIS is a logical choice for a system to house the CO2 source and sink data, as it could visually display spatial relationships and do queries and screening analyses easily.

The Geomatic Center with its enormous efforts and technical proficiency prepared the Environmental Atlas of Islamabad which was inaugurated by the Honorable Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change, who appreciated the efforts of the Geomatic Center for organizing this seminar and thanked the participating organizations for making it successful.


Geology Congress 2018

Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend the “5th International Conference on Geological and Environmental Sustainability” which is going to be held at Bali, Indonesia during August 13-14, 2018 with the theme of “An Insight into Solid Earth and Soil materials for futuristic advancements”. We are so glad to organize “GEOLOGY CONGRESS 2018” at Indonesia ; after a similar series of conferences in consecutive years at USA over the last several years which met with great achievement in Business Conferencing.

Geology Congress 2018 is a 2-day event offering the Exhibition, at venue to showcase the new and emerging technologies and have wider sessions involving Keynote presentation, Oral, YRF (student presentation), poster, e-poster presentations. World-renowned speakers and eminent delegates across the globe attending the conference, to share their valuable presentation on the most recent and advanced techniques, developments, and the newest updates are the prominent features of the conference.

For abstract submission and registration for the conference, please use the below links:


PEC search for vacant seats for Prime Minister Internship Program

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has sought details of vacant seats from all its affiliated construction firms to accommodate 20,000 engineers under Prime Minister Internship Programme for a period of one year in different engineering firms.

During the PEC convocation internship programme was announced. The programme aims to train the engineering graduates to enhance their field knowledge, soft skills and to groom them as a competent professional for the society.

Ministry of inter-provincial coordination (IPC) will pay Rs15,000 per month to a designated “intern” while the construction firm hiring the services of such internees will contribute an additional Rs10,000 per month for each intern said Engr. Jawed Salim Qureshi PEC Chairman in a letter to the Engr. Kamal Nasir Khan Constructors Association of Pakistan (CAP)

PEC Chairman further said that it is the corporate responsibility of nation by transferring professional knowledge experience to the youth in the multifarious field to make them a useful organ of the society for domestic and international markets. He added that scheme to enhance the capacity building of the youth through the supervised professional training programme all the investors, CAP would take advantage of this scheme.

He requested the CAP to accommodate PEC a potential number of seats in its member firms to build a national database that helps council to process the scheme in collaboration with the concerned ministry.

Engr. Nasir has welcomed PEC initiative and said that since its announcement, their association demanded implementation of the scheme.


‘Amber Alert’ Child Abduction System to be introduced in Punjab

Amber alert or Child Abduction Emergency is a system that is alerted during any child abduction. If any authority or law enforcement finds that a child has been abducted, and the abduction falls in amber alert criteria broadcasters and transportation administrators are notified. Abduction is broadcasted immediately on TV, radio by interrupting the normal programming.

Amber alert system is being introduced in certain areas of Pakistan by government. If it became successful, then it will be launched in all across Punjab.

Saba Sadiq, Child Protection, and Welfare Bureau (CP&WB) Chairperson have announced this when she was presiding over a sub-committee meeting to discuss the Amber Alert system.

The meeting discussed the steps to an introduced alert system that will help to find abducted children in Punjab. The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) presented on the approved system and the Safe City Authority informed about it.

Amber system will help in collection and distribution of information regarding a missing child to the appropriate authorities so that the children can be quickly rescued.

United States of Ameriaca has first who introduced this system. USA has rescued around 897 kids by this Amber Alert until November 2017. The system is applicable in the 50 states of America as per US Department of Justice.

The name AMBER also has a history as officially AMBER can be called America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response. It was named after a 9-year-old Amber Hagerman who was kidnapped and murdered in Arlington, Texas, in 1996. Many Amber’s were rescued since then by this alert system. Now in Pakistan, in case of disappearances of children public will be alerted and they can play a part in stopping these massacres.


Robokids & PAMS give hands-on experience of science to students

Robokids and the Pakistan Alliance for Maths and Science have organized an activity to give hands-on with experiments to enhance the learning experience for students of the government-run Shaheed Hasnain Higher Secondary School in Peshawar experienced.

Students from grade 8-10 recreated the experiments they had been studying in their textbooks. Using their robotics kits, they have developed technical models.

This activity gave exposure to children. They have experienced an opportunity to brush up their ‘STEM’ skills under the guidance of experts in Robotics, Games Programming, Electronics, and Mathematics.

School’s Principal Shabeer Ahmad has said that we appreciate this practical science experience for the students and urged them to think about the classroom teaching techniques.

Adnan, a student of grade 9 said that what I learn from science experience is beyond my imagination. The student added that we learned to use technology and inspired to invent new technology.