Islamabad to go plastic free by Independence Day

Pakistan was facing serious negative climatic issues. Concerning the need of time the Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change has announced to make the Capital ‘Islamabad’ a plastic bag free city by Independence Day.

Islamabad to go plastic free by Independence DayFor the first time, the initiative Climate Launchpad started to tackle the mounting climatic concern. In order to take hold of the first pollutant problem caused by the polythene and plastic bags.

The government’s campaign to prohibit the use of plastic bags in Islamabad by Pakistan’s Independence Day on August 14.

The plan to free the environment of plastic would begin from the capital city starting from the parliament building. The initiative needs grim corporation from every single person to make a healthier environs.

Minister of State for climate change, Zartaj Gul reveal that the heavy fines are imposed if any one didn’t obey the law after the due date. Polythene and plastic bags are strictly banned in capital keeping in mind the plastic free city camapign.

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HEC one year internship program 2019 is open

The Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad to endorse internship for a period of one year to the Pakistani nationals having bachelor’s, master’s degree or equivalent with at least 2nd division in their academics.

HEC one year internship program 2019 is openApplications are available at the Higher Education Commission (HEC) portal. Applicants are required to download application form on the given format from the portal and send hard copy of the application form to the undersigned.

The eligibility criteria to apply for HEC internship is that the candidates who have served 02-years or more in HEC as Intern will not be considered for this program.

The stipend to each intern will be Rs.20,000/- per month. Graduates and fresh graduates will be preferred for the internship program.

Last date for submission of application form is 14th June 2019.

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Jazz Pakistan ,Gemalto launched eSIM technology

Jazz Pakistan partnered with Gemalto for the launch of the country’s first ever eSIM (embedded SIM) subscription management platform.

Jazz Pakistan ,Gemalto launched eSIM technologyThe eSIM high-tech will offer subscribers the freedom to integrate multiple SIM card numbers directly into their phones or iOT devices, using the internet.

Jazz’s eSIM technology works on a number of eSIM-enabled devices like laptops, tablets, wearables and iOT, iPhone XS, XR and XS.

According to the GSM Association (GSMA), mobile connectivity will contribute a massive 4.8% of the world’s total GDP by the year 2023. This represents an economic value of roughly $4.8 trillion with 25.2 billion connections by 2025.

By partnering with Gemalto, Jazz can take advantage of the world’s most popular eSIM management platform across mobile operators, operator alliances, car manufacturers and mobile virtual network operators (MVONs).

Subscribers can digitally activate the SIM via Wi-Fi or visit any Jazz Business Center to register for the eSIM on their current number.

After the registration, they will receive a QR code on a voucher, which is to be scanned under the phone’s settings. For a limited time, Jazz is offering eSIM activation free of charge.

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Pakistan’s 30% vehicles to go electric by 2030

To combat the worsening current climate and pollution condition of Pakistan, an initiative has been taken to convert 30% of Pakistan’s vehicle to go electric by the year 2030.

Pakistan’s 30% vehicles to go electric by 2030Concerning on the initiative, Prime Minister ordered the concerned authorities to get ready the required logistics for a possible set-up of an electric plant.

Considering most of the major cities in Pakistan are currently polluted with tremendously toxic air due to the hazardous pollutants released by industrial and automobile emissions.

Keeping in line, the best option that is available for Pakistan is the doorway of electric cars in the Pakistani automobile industry.

Adviser to PM on climate change, Malik Amin Aslam highlights that converting 30% vehicles on electric cars save Rs 2 billion worth of oil imported into the country besides reducing the country’s air pollution.

Moreover, the Pakistani government is seeking help from the neighboring country allied to the automobile industry. Furthermore, the government is also considering other more realistic projects like ‘Green Rickshaws’ and more.

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Govt schools to revive into Science technology schools

Technology will reach new heights and now a-days becomes the golden era in which digital education comes up as the key to success. Considering this, a key plan soon begun to convert all the government schools into ”Science technology schools”.

Govt schools soon revive into Science technology schoolsFederal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry disclosed, saying that the future of Pakistan belongs to technology and country has to cuddle modern technology in order to move forward and stay pace with the 3rd world countries.

In collaboration with education ministry the government would provide modern technology in government schools to work enthusiastically for developing schools as centers of knowledge.

In the S&T program almost 1500 government schools have been selected where government would introduce high-tech education for students to get hold of scientific and technological education.

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