Basic Arabic Phrases for Business:

  1. Greetings:
  • Hello – مرحبا (Marhaba)
  • Good morning – صباح الخير (Sabah al-khair)
  • Good afternoon – مساء الخير (Masaa al-khair)
  • Good evening – مساء الخير (Masaa al-khair)
  • Goodbye – مع السلامة (Ma’a as-salama)
  1. Introducing Yourself:
  • My name is… – اسمي… (Ismi…)
  • I am from… – أنا من… (Ana min…)
  • Nice to meet you – تشرفت بلقائك (Tasharraftu biliqa’ik)
  1. Polite Expressions:
  • Please – من فضلك (Min fadlik)
  • Thank you – شكراً (Shukran)
  • You’re welcome – عفواً (Afwan)
  1. Basic Questions:
  • How are you? – كيف حالك؟ (Kayfa haluka/haluki for males/females)
  • What is your job? – ما هو عملك؟ (Ma huwa ‘amaluka/ ‘amaluki)
  1. Numbers and Money:
  • One, two, three… – واحد، اثنان، ثلاثة… (Waahid, ithnaan, thalaatha…)
  • How much is this? – كم يكلف هذا؟ (Kam yakulu haadha?)
  1. Negotiating and Bargaining:
  • I would like a discount – أريد تخفيضاً (Uriid takhfeefan)
  • What is your best price? – ما هو أفضل سعر لديكم؟ (Ma huwa afdal si’run ladaykum?)
  1. Common Business Terms:
  • Business – عمل (Amal)
  • Meeting – اجتماع (Ijtimaa’)
  • Contract – عقد (Aqd)
  • Payment – دفع (Dafa’)
  • Agreement – اتفاقية (Ittifaqiyah)
  1. Closing a Deal:
  • We have a deal – لدينا صفقة (Ladayna safaqah)
  • Contract – عقد (Aqd)
  • Sign here, please – امض هنا، من فضلك (Ismid huna, min fadlik)

Additional Tips:

  • Practice Pronunciation: Arabic pronunciation can be challenging. Regular practice and listening to native speakers can help.
  • Learn Arabic Script: Familiarize yourself with the Arabic alphabet. It’s fundamental to reading and writing in Arabic.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Understand and respect cultural norms, especially in business settings.

Remember, practice and patience are key to mastering any language. Good luck with your Arabic learning journey for business purposes!

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