1)Apple I MAC G3 (15th August 1998)

Apple released it’s I MAC G3 quickly became the star of electronic market as all the components of the computed were packed inside of one monitor looking screen , it was translucent on it’s back and you could see the light coming from it

All the components of computer like cd rom, dual stereo , headphone jack ,ethernet and usb cables were in on device , it also had a handle on its back so you can carry it around easily , however it had only 4mb of ram

2)Apple I MAC G4 (7th January 2002)

I MAC G4 was yet again another beautiful design by Apple, components of the computer were fitted into a base convicted to a 360 degree movable , rotateable screen , screen was flat ,it’s flat movable screen soon became the reason of it’s fame and it became famous because of this

It came in two forms which had 15,17 inch display ,CPU 700MHZ , 1.2GHZ , 128, 256 Mb SD RAM and upto 80GB storage

Apple I MAC G5 (31st, August 2004 )

Apple I MAC G5 was an insane G5 was an astonishing new design in which everything was packed inside of a flat big screen ,it’s unique and modern design soon made it the best choice in market along with it’s other specs, it became so popular that this was the point where apple really took pace in computer market and made their image that they wanted

In this all the ports were at the back of the flat screen, it had Sd ram 256 Mb , it came in two choices with 1.6 GHz and 2.1 GHz, 17 inch and 20 inch lcd

Apple I MAC Intel (16th may 2006)

Apple was on a roll with three consecutive revolutionary computers , everyone had big expectation from them this year, Apple however released this new computer to announce and celebrate their partnership with Intel, they basically did not made any big changes expect the intel processor which was named intel core 2 duo which was claimed to be 2 to 3 times faster than the processor used in IMAC G5

Main change in the device was its CPU which was switched to intel core 2 duo , it came in three different sizes with 17,20,24 inches lcd, 160,256 gb rom , it’s lcd had a maximum resolution of 1920×1200 pixels

Apple I MAC aluminum(7th August 2007)

Apple after it’s I MAC released in 2006 quickly released its new computer with a more slider and better design with a black cover there wasn’t much except changes in design and introduction of easily removable hard drive in it’s computer

It also had an intel core 2 processor, two computers came with 20,24 inch lcd screen, 250,320 gb rom

Apple I MAC unibody (2009)

Apple had gained much popularity in the market even though it’s last two designs didn’t satisfy the people , this was because of two main reasons, because of very impressive marketing and because of that by this time every one has already consider to be the best and some people also took it as luxury, Apple unibody had many improvements in it’s hardware

It had better screen, better design , bigger dis play, brighter display, higher pixel count, 3.33GHz Intel core 2 duo , faster graphics , higher ram and rom

Apple I MAC slim body (2012)

After apple’s successful launch in 2009 it released an even thinner design which was climbed to be 80% thinner then the previous, this was so far the best designed computer by Apple and certainly the slimest, it was claimed by Apple that Avery unique welding system was used to make this possible

It had intel i7 processor and as usual storage capacity was increased along with ram

Apple I MAC retina display (2015)

Apple released an amazing design in the previous model, expectation were high by the viewers ,Apple announced that it’s latest model had an thinner display with ultra pixel quality which could display 14.7 million pixels

The main improvements in the hardware were the display and HD 6000 grapics

Apple I MAC (2017)

Apple introduced the retina display in it’s previous model in this it was advanced to retina 52 display it also had a lot of improvements in it’s screen and increased pixel along with a bigger display

It had different ram storage in each 8gb ram could be stored it also had 512 gb ssd storage, it had an 27 inch screen it had an 4k resolution

Apple I MAC silicon (2021)

Apple’s most recent and advanced I MAC is it’s 2021 version, Apple in this time also provided with a variation in colours. Apple customers are a little unsatisfied as the fast advancements and higher specs in other companies computers are not being offered by Apple , however apple sale rates are still pretty good

It offers 8gb ram along with 8 core GPU processor, it has a 24 inch screen along with 4.5k retina display

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