University of Sindh vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat and Dairy Science Park  (DSP-Chief Patron Prof. Dr. Subhan Qureshi) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) entitled, “Collaborative Bio-risk Management Initiative (CBMI)” with a vision to guard public health through policy mediation at the vice chancellor’s office.

Sindh University & Dairy Science Park signs MoU over "CBMI"

Collaborative Bio-risk Management Initiative (CBMI) aimed at preventing and controlling bio-risk factors as well as generation of pathogens in animal, human and environment segments separately and in interaction.

Keeping in line the MoU, both the university of sindh and dairy science park targeting the two significant goals of  self-employment of youth and hygienic food production.

Sindh University and DSP would oblige through evaluating the bio-risk factors linked with commercial farming, transportation, slaughtering, processing and marketing of livestock, poultry and fisheries products and human health and veterinary clinical practices.

The project aims to build University of Sindh as a most important institution to make available assistance to other similar institutions on the implementation of bio-risk management curriculum, and to strengthen interdisciplinary linkages in bio-risk management.

In order to shield health of students, biomedical professionals (including laboratory staff and public and animal health workers) and local communities, the research projects would be launched; standards and regime guidelines for farming and processing units and service providers will be developed.

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